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Church Pews & Furniture

For many years we have been manufacturing custom pews, altars, pulpits, and lecturns for churches.  Because of high quality material and the way in which we craft and assemble these specialty products, most are still being used today!

Features of our pews include:

  1. Complete solid wood construction (no veneers):  ends, leg supports, seats, and backs 
  2. Slant – back construction with contoured seats
  3. Solid bookracks and cardholders also available
  4. Kneelers – wood or metal construction with or without cushions
  5. Contoured seat cushions are available
  6. Stained to the color you desire, clear coated with premium finish
  7. Manufactured in any length
  8. Colonial to contemporary style.  End design completely custom – made to the look and style you are wanting.  We can match existing designs to replace select pews.


"Over a two year period from 2010-2012, Freedom Products, with extraordinary artistic ability, professionalism, and respect for the sacred nature of the space, began a piece by piece restoration of the 263 historic pews, replacing each seat and back, and restoring and refinishing the intricately carved pew ends and pews screens, all while working to accommodate the Cathedral’s very complicated and ever-changing schedule.......they have been an integral and invaluable partner in the total restoration of the pews back to their original spendor while maintaining thecraftmanship and integrity of the original artisans."

Laura Voegelie
Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis