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Hardwood flooring adds a whole new dimension of beauty and elegance to your home that will be noticed and complimented on for years.   Our custom solid wood flooring is manufactured from lumber that is kiln-dried on our premises.

It is a full ¾”thick solid wood tongue and groove construction.  ¾” solid wood flooring is extremely stable.  There is very little movement possible if humidity conditions are kept reasonably stable.    

We manufacture longer 8’ & 10’ lengths.  Short narrow strips are more of a production item that converts low-grade lumber into a usable product.  You won’t get that with us!

Our flooring can be manufactured in many different widths to suit your decorating needs or to match existing material.  The wider 4”, 5” & 6” plank floors produce an incredibly beautiful floor revealing the beauty and individual features of each board.  Try using different width planks in the same room for a really unique and distinctive looking floor.